70% of foreigners living in Japan report experiencing language issues.

Recognize the following?

I’d like to improve my Japanese, but I can’t find the time.

I have trouble expressing my ideas to Japanese colleagues.

I feel like my IT career is stagnating due to language barriers.

I don’t have a high JLPT score, so Japanese companies don’t seem interested in my CV.

I want to stay in Japan for the long-term, but I’m worried about my career prospects as a foreign IT engineer.

Let’s turn this around!

IT Job Finder was created for foreign IT engineers looking to build their career in Japan.

In order to celebrate the launch of our platform, and to support both foreign engineers living in Japan as well as the local IT industry, we’ve partnered up with 2 Japanese language course providers.


We’re looking for the following types of applicants

Registered on IT Job Finder

Planning to take the JLPT N1 or N2 exam

Japanese skills at N3 level or higher

At least 1 year of experience working as an IT engineer

Planning to build a career as an IT engineer in Japan

Japanese Programs

Have a look at the 2 programs below and choose the course that best fits your goals. Both programs are offered online.

JLPT N1・N2 Preparation Program

Improve your JLPT score and optimize your career prospects!

1~2 month course Up to 300 students!

Applicants outside Japan welcome!

① 93% JLPT pass rate

Boost your resume with a N1 or N2 qualification.

Study more efficiently with a clear goal.

Perfect for those who are serious about improving their Japanese!

Structured Study Schedule

Instructional video Worksheet Practice Questions​ ​ Practice Test​

Make use of Dead Time

Got a few extra minutes?

The 20-minute exam drills can be completed whenever works for you. Study during breaks, on the way to work, or while doing your chores!

Full Support

Assistance by native Japanese speakers with teaching qualifications

Shared success stories

Advice on using the points feature

Tips for keeping your motivation up

Want to learn more about the JLPT N1・N2 preparation program?

Details (JP)

IT Industry Japanese

Become a professional IT engineer in Japan!

6 month course  Up to 10 students!

① One on One Lessons

Unlike standard eLearning programs, this course offers live one on one lessons.

You’ll be assigned 1~2 personal instructors who closely monitor your progress, increasing learning efficiency.

※ Only open to applicants living in Japan.

Focus on practical Japanese skills

The curriculum focuses on real-world application in the IT sector.

The curriculum is composed with your specific goals in mind.

Increase your Japanese skills efficiently with customized lessons!

The course is structured to give you all the language skills you need to work independently at a Japanese IT company.

Make Real Progress

Performance assessment before, during, and after the course!

Once we receive your application, we will conduct an online interview and evaluate your conversational proficiency using our 10-level assessment scale.

Your Japanese skills are checked regularly, and you’ll be able to track your progress data throughout the course.

Improve Your Speaking Skills

Even those with an N1 qualification often struggle to communicate in real life. This program maintains a strong focus on conversational skills.

After the initial interview, your speaking skills will be assessed and we’ll match you to the level that perfectly fits your needs.

Being able to have actual conversations in Japanese with your instructor will help you improve your speaking skills.

Want to learn more about the IT Industry Japanese Program?

Sign up in 3 Simple Steps

Fill out the application form and pick your course

Automatic IT Job Finder registration

verification email (subject: 会員登録ご確認メール)

③ Find out if you have been chosen for your program by checking your IT Job Finder inbox

※Application Deadline: 31 October 2021 (Sunday)

Candidates are contacted based on their application date. The campaign will be closed once we fill the available spots, so make sure you apply early!

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Process After Application

JLPT N1・N2 Preparation Program

All information will be sent to your IT Job Finder inbox.

We will conduct an interview to check your Japanese proficiency and objectives.

Start the program when you’re ready!

The course will be available about 1 week after the interview.

Business Japanese: IT Industry

All information will be sent to your IT Job Finder inbox.

Selected participants receive interview invitations Work History & Goals Interview Japanese Proficiency Evaluation Interview Results announcement Start your customized curriculum

Start the program when you’re ready!

The course will start about 3 weeks after the interview.

Take charge of your career in Japan!

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